Love is Blind

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The film starts with Fe (Kiray Celis) being pimped out by her aunt (Beverly Salviejo). Fe knows that with her sister being beautiful, people will ask inappropriate questions regarding her looks, and her chances of finding true love are limited since looks don't matter when finding partners. So she hunts down her probable suitor and leaves for work. Fe is an intern at Luxent Hotel in Quezon City. There she meets Wade (Derek Ramsay), who is about to attend a conference about farming. Wade doesn’t really want to be a farmer or want anything to do with their family’s business even though it was theirs longer than he knows.
Wade is experiencing a fallout with his girlfriend Maggie (Solenn Heussaff) because he’s pressured of being better than himself and what others think of him, especially his high school friends. Fe’s admiration to Wade grows more as time progresses, seeing him everyday at work but being able to do anything about it frustrates her. She goes to Yari (Kean Cipriano), who conveniently works as a masseur at the hotel but also sells potions and charms for hopeless cases on love. Yari helps Fe with her problem with Wade, making her a potion that would make her the most beautiful person in the eyes of Wade alone. Fe named herself Felicity for Wade. But in the process Yari is falling in love with Fe.
However, the potion Yari made for Fe doesn’t have the right ingredients resulting it to wear off and revealing Fe’s true looks to Wade. After a fight, Wade and Fe cleared and patched things up as Wade returns to the arms of his love, Maggie. Fe realizes that all along, there was someone there who cares for her, Yari. But as soon as she confronts him, he saw the same ingredients they made for an everlasting love potion with their picture in it. Fe confused, storms out and thought that she was bewitched by Yari for him to love her. But the two did not know that the contents of the potion were replaced by pure water.
While Fe drowns herself in pity as she lost the chance at love, she is disturbed by a shouting Yari who rushed to her once he knew about the potion being replaced. The two ended up together and Fe eventually realized that there’s someone who can love her the way that she is.


Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Erika Shinohara (Fumi Nikaido) is a first year of high school student. While talking to friends, she makes up a story about her "boyfriend." In reality, Erika Shinohara doesn't have a boyfriend. Erika's friends soon begin to doubt her story and Erika is also running out of lies. Erika then sees a pretty boy on the street and takes his picture discreetly. She later shows his picture to her friends as her boyfriend. The boy in the picture is Kyouya Sata (Kento Yamazaki) and happens to attend the same school as Erika. She tells Kyouya about her situation and asks him to be her pretend boyfriend. Even though Kyouya has a pretty appearance, he has a dark side.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bella is preparing for her wedding. During the reception, Jacob returns after hearing about Bella and Edward's engagement. While dancing with him in the woods, away from everyone else, Bella admits that she and Edward plan to consummate their marriage on their honeymoon while she's still human. Jacob becomes furious, knowing that Edward could easily kill Bella. Sam and the others restrain him and angrily leave.
After the wedding, the couple spends their honeymoon on Isle Esme and they make love for the first time. The next morning, Edward realizes that Bella has numerous bruises and is upset at himself for hurting her, though Bella insists she enjoyed the experience. Edward swears not to make love again until she becomes a vampire. Two weeks after their honeymoon, Bella realizes that she is pregnant with a half-mortal, half-immortal child. Edward is terrified by the news, knowing that she may not survive the pregnancy. He says that Carlisle will remove the baby. She refuses, as she wants to keep the baby and convinces Edward's sister, Rosalie, who has always wanted a child, to help protect her baby. They fly back home to Forks, Washington. She has only been pregnant for two weeks, but the baby is growing very fast.
Jacob rushes over to the Cullen's house and finds Bella already heavily pregnant. He becomes upset, saying that they should remove it as soon as possible. Bella says that it is her choice. As she gets bigger, the quality of her health declines then rapidly improves as she starts drinking human blood to satisfy the baby's vampiric thirst for blood. Edward comes to love the baby as much as Bella does as he reads it thoughts, learning that his child loves Bella in return and doesn't want to hurt her.
Soon after, Bella drops a cup of blood and as she bends down to pick it up, the baby breaks her back. She nearly dies giving birth. To save her life, Edward injects Bella's heart with his venom to transform her into a vampire, but nothing seems to happen and Bella is presumed dead. Greatly distraught, Jacob attempts to kill the baby, but stops when he realizes he has imprinted on the baby.
When the werewolves learn of Bella's death, they attack the Cullens' house in an attempt to kill the baby as they fear it would become a threat. Edward, Alice, and Jasper defend their home and their family, and are later helped by Carlisle, Esme, and Emmett. Jacob then runs outside to stop the fight and shapeshifts. Jacob and Sam shortly communicate with each other telapathically. Edward reads Jacob's mind and announces that Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee and since it is the wolves' law not to harm anyone who has been imprinted on, they are forced to retreat. After Bella is cleaned and dressed, her cuts from her difficult labor heal as the venom spreads through her body. The last scene shows Bella open her red eyes as a newborn vampire.
In a post-credits scene, Aro and his brothers Marcus and Caius received a letter from Carlisle.


The Ward

Saturday, October 15, 2016

In rural Oregon, at the North Bend Psychiatric Hospital in 1966, a young patient named Tammy is attacked and killed by an unseen force during the night.
Kristen (Amber Heard), a troubled young woman, sets fire to an abandoned farmhouse and shortly thereafter is arrested. The local police take her to North Bend where she meets the other patients in the ward: artistic Iris (Lyndsy Fonseca), seductive Sarah (Danielle Panabaker), wild Emily (Mamie Gummer), and child-like Zoey (Laura-Leigh). Kristen is taken to a room, which the other girls inform her was previously occupied by their friend, Tammy. Kristen also meets her therapist, Dr. Stringer (Jared Harris). She is unable to recall anything about her past. Later, she awakens in the middle of the night and sees a horribly deformed figure staring at her. While she is with Iris and Emily, Kristen sees two people looking at her from Dr. Stringer's office, but the girls give no clue as to who they are. While taking a shower, Kristen is attacked by the deformed figure, but upon telling the nurse this, she is drugged and put through intense electroshock therapy. During a session with Dr. Stringer, Iris mentions Tammy but is then immediately halted by the doctor.
In a therapy session, Dr. Stringer uses hypnotherapy to unlock Iris' hidden memories. After the session, Iris is killed by transorbital lobotomy by the deformed figure. Kristen tries to discover what happened to her friend. In Iris's sketchbook, she finds a sketch of the figure that had attacked her, with the name Alice Hudson, a former patient at the hospital, written on top. That night, despite Sarah and Zoey's warning that it is nearly impossible to leave, Kristen and Emily attempt to find Iris and escape. However, the alarm is triggered. Kristen is thwarted by Alice and is rendered unconscious. She reawakens in her room, and it is revealed that Emily was caught.
On her way to an appointment with Dr. Stringer, Sarah flirts with a nurse but is rejected. She goes to the other girls and asks Kristen what happened to her plan. She also implies that they did not find Iris because they were "not looking into the right places." After bickering with Emily, she is electrocuted and killed by Alice. Kristen notices Sarah is missing. She learns that Zoey's doll formerly belonged to Alice, so she forces Zoey to tell her what is happening. She finds out that all of the girls had killed Alice, led by Tammy, because Alice constantly hurt them. Now Alice is after them for revenge. Emily attempts to commit suicide, thinking she is doomed. Kristen attempts to stop her, but Alice appears again and kills Emily by slitting her throat with a knife. Kristen plans a last attempt to escape by holding Zoey as a pretend hostage. Their attempt is thwarted by Roy. She is drugged and placed in a straitjacket. However, she manages to escape and takes Zoey with her to try and escape again. Zoey is captured by Alice and killed off-screen. After a lengthy chase around the hospital, Kristen seemingly manages to destroy Alice. Finding Dr. Stringer's office, she finds Alice Hudson's patient file, which details her treatments and each one of the girls' names, including Kristen herself.
Dr. Stringer, catching Kristen in his office, then reveals that Kristen is actually one of many personalities of the real Alice Hudson. It is also revealed that Alice was kidnapped as a young child and sexually abused by an unknown assailant eight years previous. Alice was left chained up for two months in the basement of the same farmhouse Kristen had burned down; in order to survive the trauma, she developed multiple personality disorder, creating each one of the girls from the Ward as a different personality. Over time, Alice's own personality became so overwhelmed by that of the others that she became lost. Dr. Stringer attempted experimental techniques to bring back Alice's own personality back to reality, resulting in the manifestation of Alice that was destroying the individual personalities. He explains that her treatments were working until "Kristen" appeared, yet another invention of Alice's mind to protect itself from reliving the trauma back at the farmhouse. After this revelation, Alice is revealed to have survived its earlier encounter with Kristen and throws herself and "Kristen" out of the window, reawakening Alice.
Alice's parents, whom she had seen earlier in Dr. Stringer's office, come to take her home because she is finally fully treated. After gathering her belongings, Alice takes one last look around her room. Upon opening the medicine cabinet, Kristen suddenly comes out and attacks her. The camera cuts to black.


20 Once Again

Shen Meng Jun (Kuei Ya-lei) is a crotchety prideful 70-year-old widow who frequently finds fault with everyone around her. She takes pride in her ability to raise her son single-handedly, despite the poverty during the Cultural Revolution, to become a professor of a prestigious university. She shows her bias towards her grandson Xiang Qian Jing (Lu Han) because he aspires to become a musician and he represents a dream that Meng Jun cannot achieve herself. However, she had no opportunity to be a singer. Although kind to her grandson, she is very critical towards both her daughter-in-law, Yang Qin (Yijuan Li), and granddaughter, Xin Ran (Yin Hang), who openly treats Meng Jun with contempt for the way she treats her mother. This leads to Yang Qin fainting due to the pressure placed on her. After this incident, the family decides it's time for her to go to a nursing home. Feeling forlorn, she wanders the streets and impulsively decides to take a final portrait at a photo studio she happens by. Upon leaving, to her astonishment she realizes that she has been transformed back into her 20-year-old self. Given a magical second chance at youth, she changes her name to Meng Li Jun (Yang Zishan).
After Meng Jun's transformation, she decides to keep her new identity a secret. She begins by renting a room from her trusted friend and past servant, Li Dahai (Deshun Wang). Later, while accompanying Dahai to the senior recreation center, she meets her long-time rival, a flirty senior woman. There, they had an epic singing battle, in which Li Jun wins. Li Jun captured the crowd's heart with her voice. While singing, a music director enters and offers her a chance of a lifetime.


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