Walang Hanggan Episode 11 - 20 Recaps

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Episode 11
Nathan continues to wait on Katarina, hand and foot. He confesses that he loves her, even when they were just writing to each other. Katarina lies and says William doesn't want her to have a boyfriend until she finishes high school. William learns from the doctor that he has suffered a mild heart attack and she warns him that another attack can kill him. Johanna continues to intimidate Katarina and Jane apologizes for her daughter's behavior. Daniel learns that Tomas is wasting his father's money gambling. However, Tomas has his friends pretend to be robbers, stealing his things and beating him up. Daniel has no other choice but to ask Marco for help. Jane and Johanna arrive in Manila as a surprise to Marco. They were shocked to see Daniel looking dirty and in bare feet.

Episode 12
Johanna meets Emily aka Emilia Guidoti. Emily befriends Johanna to get into the Montenegro household. Johanna mentions meeting Emilia to her father, who instantly recalls Emily. Jane is offended but Marco assures her that he has forgotten his first love. Johanna insists on seeing Manila's night life with Daniel. She kisses Daniel on the dance floor and he insists they go home or he will just wait for her outside the club. Jane is worried how they will tell Johanna that they are actually half-sisters instead of mother and daughter. Johanna is an illegitimate daughter of her father and it would hurt Jane's mother to know that she is an accomplice to her father's infidelity. Nathan formally tells William that he likes Katarina and asks if he can court her. Daniel returns to Olivares and William tells him of Nathan's intentions.

Episode 13
Katarina tells Nathan that he's 'basted' and he wonders how she can decide on that too quickly. Daniel reveals to William that Tomas is deep in debt in Manila and he has been lying to them all this time. William refuses to help Tomas but when the latter tells Katarina that he is in big trouble, she helps change their father's mind. William mortgages his land to help pay off Tomas' debts and keep his business afloat. Daniel feels guilty about keeping his relationship with Katarina from William. He confesses and William throws him out of the house for deceiving him.

Episode 14
William tries to drink his problems away and he bumps into Nathan on the way home. He asks the young man to always be on the look out for Katarina's welfare. Katarina pleads to her father to give Daniel a chance, as they have both loved each other since they were children. William changes his mind about making Daniel leave. Instead, he tells Daniel to wait for Katarina to become an adult and if they still love each other when the time comes, he is willing to give them his blessing. William catches Tomas stealing money from his vault and angrily tells him to leave. The incident causes William to have a severe heart attack and dies. Tomas, knowing he is the reason his father passed away, puts the blame on Daniel.

Episode 15
The hacienda mourns for William. The Montenegros give their condolences to Tomas and Katarina. Tomas and Daniel get into another fight and the former forbids the latter from ever entering their home. Tomas leaves his father's wake to pay off his debts using the money from the mortgage. He returns home with his buddies, whom Daniel recognizes as the men who beat him up and took his money in Manila. Genia tries to avoid her sister at the wake but Margaret eventually discovers she lives with the Alcantaras. She also was surprised to know Daniel is Genia's grandson

Episode 16
Tomas fires Daniel after getting into a fight with his friends. Katarina insists that Daniel stays at the hacienda for he's the only one whom their father trained to run the farm. Marco wonders why Genia chose to disassociate herself from their family and Margaret says her sister's probably up to no good. Emily visits Johanna at home but she was at William's wake. Jane becomes jealous of Marco's interest in Johanna's new friend, Emilia.

Episode 17
William leaves in his will 75% of his wealth to Katarina and 25% to Daniel. Tomas is angry and shocked but the lawyer stated that his father said he has gotten his inheritance a long time ago. After another fight with Daniel, Tomas suspects something is brewing between his sister and their foreman as she seems to defend him all the time. The hacienda however is still losing money as their crops seem to be inferior to nearby farms. To pay the land's mortgage Katarina and Daniel decide to sell some of the things inside the mansion and lay off some of their workers. Marco wants to extend a helping hand to William's family and invites them, Daniel and Genia to a dinner meeting. Margaret isn't very happy about it and is hostile towards his sister the whole time.

Episode 18
Genia encourages Daniel to become friendlier towards Marco as the man might help them with the hacienda. Margaret thinks Genia is a gold-digger and is out to get revenge on her by getting to Marco. Nathan warns Daniel not to become too close to Katarina for he has nothing to offer her. Tomas, encouraged by Margaret, contests William's will in court. Emily still insists on buying the Montenegro property and continues to befriend Johanna.

Episode 19
Daniel and Tomas face off in court. Tomas uses blackmail to make his father's lawyer lie and court, making the court's decision in his favor. Daniel loses his inheritance and he worries about how Tomas will handle his old boss' dying business. Johanna is excited with Emilia's arrival at their hacienda. Emily however gets cold feet and backs out at the last minute. Nathan continues to woo Katarina and Tomas encourages his sister to entertain their neighbor as he will treat her like a princess.

Episode 20
Daniel stays with the hacienda even if Tomas treats him like dirt, as he needs to protect Genia and Katarina. Tomas thinks of ways in making Katarina's suitor Nathan a cash cow for him and his buddies. He tells Nathan to shower his sister with gifts to win her over. Katarina faints due to exhaustion and Daniel tries to revive her. Feeling the attraction once again, Daniel says maybe they should avoid each other so he would not break his promise to her father. Tomas tells Katarina she should marry Nathan to save their hacienda. Daniel does odd jobs around town to raise money for Katarina's graduation dress. He is disappointed though when Nathan beats him to it and throws the brand new outfit he bought in the trash.


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