Walang Hanggan Episode 61 - 70 Recaps

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Episode 61
Daniel invites Nathan and Katarina to a surprise party he's throwing for Genia. Although they were hesitating at first, the couple agrees, thinking that Genia is more important than their conflict. Daniel throws the party at Emily's home and everyone was having a good time until she arrives. Kenneth quickly calls up Margaret to tell her of Emily's presence and she fakes an emergency so Genia doesn't get to talk to the woman. But after realizing it was a ruse to lure her away from Emily, Genia goes back to the house to talk to her. Emily feels Genia is playing a trick on her when the old woman revealed Daniel's true identity to her. Daniel feels something went wrong between Genia and Emily's talk but his grandmother refuses to tell him what it is.

Episode 62
Daniel sees Emily bothered by her talk with Genia. He assures her that whatever his grandmother said, it is something she firmly believes in and not just hearsay from other people. Marco apologizes to Genia for the things he said to her the other day but she is standing by her word that Daniel is his and Emily's son. Jane is starting to feel Marco is keeping something from her about Emilia Guidotti and decides to visit her office. Nathan also pays Katarina a visit at the Guidotti office and brings her lunch. He takes this chance though to confront Daniel about the mysterious flower sender to his wife.

Episode 63
Genia sets up a meeting between Marco and Emily. Marco was surprised to see Emily there but despite their differences, they both agreed that Daniel being their son is too far fetched for them to believe. Margaret is alarmed by Genia's persistence and says she must find a way to discredit her sister. Meanwhile, Daniel continues to make moves to become closer to Katarina and it seems like she's having a hard time resisting his charms.

Episode 64
Katarina gets goaded by her fellow officemates to ask Daniel if he has a girlfriend. Daniel gamely answers he has none but someone already owns his heart. The staff suspects the lucky girl their boss is pertaining to is Johanna, who's often seen with Daniel. Nathan takes Katarina to a restaurant Johanna recommended for dinner. Coincidentally Johanna and Daniel also have dinner there that evening. Johanna pretends to kiss Daniel to distract Katarina and her sister-in-law ends up crying in the men's room. Katarina realizes her mistake when Daniel enters the bathroom but before she can leave, he pulls her into one of the cubicles because Nathan also went in to use the men's room. An armed robber stops Nathan and Katarina from leaving the parking lot and demands for their valuables. Nathan is injured trying to protect Katarina. Daniel and Johanna appear and try to help the two but the robber points his gun at Daniel. Meanwhile, Jane finally discovers Emilia Guidotti and Emily is the same person after following Marco to a meeting at a restaurant where Henry and Emily were having dinner.

Episode 65
Margaret suspects Daniel is the mastermind behind the hold up incident but Katarina was quick to defend him saying Nathan would be dead by now if it weren't for him. Marco apologizes for his mother's behavior but Daniel says he only asks respect from the Montenegros. Genia suggests Marco undergo a DNA test to prove Daniel is his son but her nephew would have nothing of it. The old woman says she will seek for proof of Daniel's parentage until he and Emily believes her. Jane continues to be jealous of Emily and is still mad at her husband and Margaret. Emily though plans to use this jealousy to her advantage to destroy Marco's marriage. Daniel and Katarina become friends once again. He pretends to have fallen for another girl and asks Katarina for advice on how to go about it.

Episode 66
Katarina talks to Tomas after she learns from Johanna how she despises her brother. Tomas refuses to discuss things with Katarina but says Daniel is the reason why Johanna hates him. Daniel also refuses to elaborate on what happened between Johanna and Tomas. He also doesn't tell Katarina what Tomas did to him that makes him so angry. Meanwhile, Margaret continues to make Genia appear senile to Marco with the help of her assistant Kenneth. She suggests to her son to have Genia looked at by a doctor. Katarina tells Nathan that she's becoming friends again with Daniel but her husband says he doesn't approve of this.

Episode 67
Margaret pressures Katarina to steal client names from Daniel but she only sees one name on his calendar and the meeting with the client is happening within 30 minutes. Daniel asks her to come along with him to the meeting to coach her on how to convince clients to buy from them. However, the client was more interested on seducing Katarina than their product, prompting Daniel to end their meeting. Genia relates the story of she came upon Daniel to Marco. She tells him it was the day of his wedding and Margaret left to attend to "business" with their former employee Hugo. Marco is still in disbelief and after Genia's supposed 'forgetting' incidents, he decides to have her checked by a psychiatrist. However, Kenneth finds a theater actress, a former classmate of his, to pretend to be an expert doctor. Genia is devastated when she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Episode 68
Genia seeks Daniel and tells him the bad news. Daniel promises to take care of his grandmother no matter what happens. Katarina was asked by Margaret to do a presentation for a client but it turns out the man she is presenting to is Ben Mercado, the one who came on too strong towards her during a meeting with Daniel. Adrian, Katarina's driver reports her whereabouts to Daniel who immediately goes over to check on her. Daniel almost kills Mr. Mercado after he tries to force himself on Katarina. At the office, a thankful Katarina hugs Daniel but an office staff sees her doing this. Meanwhile, Genia was able to convince Marco to go to the San Toribio Jail, where Emily was incarcerated. They learn that Emily was pregnant during the time she was imprisoned there.

Episode 69
Emily continues to avoid Marco. However, Marco joins the De Dios golf cup to be able to talk to her. He even makes a bet with Henry, Montenegro shares for the time to talk with Emily. Meanwhile, office rumors are circulating because of Katarina and Daniel's obviously growing closeness. She and Daniel even spent time at the park together and played in the rain just like when they were kids. Genia warns her about this but Katarina says she and Daniel know their limits.


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