Walang Hanggan Episode 150 Aug. 10 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

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Nathaniel "Nathan" Montenegro (Paolo Avelino) followed Daniel Cruz/Guidotti (Coco Martin) with his speculation that Daniel knows where Katerina Alcantara/Montenegro (Julia Montes) is. Meanwhile, Miguel Ramos (Nonie Buencamino) followed Emilia "Emily" Cardenas/Guidotti (Dawn Zulueta) wherein he discovered that Emily kept seeing Marco Montenegro (Richard Gomez) secretly. Miguel went back home heartbroken and hurriedly called Margaret Cruz/Montenegro (Helen Gamboa). Miguel threatened Margaret because of lying about Marco and Emily's separation. Margaret, on the other hand, can not believe that Marco and Emily are still together wherein at first she was very afraid of Miguel's threat. Luckily, Margaret already have the DNA results of Jane Bonifacio/Montenegro (Rita Avila) and Jean Bonifacio (Eula Valdez). The DNA results matched and it confirmed that Jean is Jane. After Margaret's conversation to Miguel, Margaret called Jean to see her and confronted Jean about the DNA results. Margaret asked Jean's help to reveal herself to everybody especially to Marco and Emily so that their wedding won't be successful. Jean, on the other hand, admitted that she is Jane but refused to reveal herself because she wanted to protect herself and her family from the killer. Jane strongly believe that either Emily or Daniel wants to kill her. As much as Jane wanted to reveal herself, she can not take the risk in putting her family's life in trouble.


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