Walang Hanggan Episode 157 Aug. 21 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

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Both Katerina Alcantara/Montenegro (Julia Montes) and Daniel Cruz/Guidotti (Coco Martin) were surprised to know that Katerina is pregnant. Daniel had no doubts accepting the responsibility of being a father even though Katerina's baby is not his. Daniel promised to take care of Katerina and her upcoming baby without any second thoughts. Katerina, on the other hand, is very thankful to Daniel even though she felt unworthy of Daniel's love. Meanwhile, Nathaniel "Nathan" Montenegro (Paolo Avelino) went to see Katerina's Attorney. Nathan tried to convince the Attorney to give him an information about where he can find Katerina. Nathan even threatened the Attorney just to get an information but the Attorney was not afraid of Nathan. The Attorney challenged Nathan to show more of his aggressiveness in the public so that Katerina would probably win the case. Concurrently, Emilia "Emily" Cardenas/Guidotti (Dawn Zulueta) was busy preparing an event for the launch of the Guidotti Imports. Emily made sure that the event would be successful. Meanwhile, Tomas Alcantara (Joem Bascon) appreaciated Emily's effort wherein he even asked Emily to invite the Montenegro family to the event. On the other hand, Miguel Ramos (Nonie Buencamino) planned to kidnap Emily for them to be together for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, at the Montenegro's residence, Marco Motenegro (Richard Gomez) invited his family to a special event. On the other hand, Margaret Cruz/Montenegro (Helen Gamboa) together with Johanna Montenegro (Melissa Ricks) had an idea to where Marco would bring them wherein they thought that they are going to the launching of Guidotti Imports. Later that time, Marco brought Margaret, Johanna and Nathan at the church where he is going to marry Emily. Marco then informed his family why they were there at the church and it freaked them out. Margaret then hurriedly called Jean/Jane Bonifacio/Montenegro (Eula Valdez), asking her to see them at the church but Marco suddenly interrupted and ended their conversation. With this in mind, will the wedding of Marco and Emily be successful?


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